EarthliftStertil-Koni’s Earthlift uses less energy while still delivering the strength, speed and power needed for heavy duty lifting. It requires less battery charging – lowering electricity use – and regenerates about 25% of energy consumed in each operating cycle with 35% more cycles than the standard battery operated mobile lifting system. It also uses synthetic biodegradable oil (Panolin hydraulic oil) with an extremely long service life. Each column is made from components that are 98% recyclable.

  • 18,500 lbs. per column / 74,000 per set of (4) columns
  • or 22,000 lbs. per column / 88,000 per set of (4) columns
  • standard (2) ea deep cycle batteries in each column 100% recyclable.
  • no communication cables for faster set up time, clear floor access, and no tripping hazard
  • electronic display with real-time status of lifting and lowering operation, self diagnosis & system control
  • adjustable raising and lowering speeds
  • 10 inches added clearance between columns and vehicle in case of flat tire or suspension failure when vehicle is raised on lifts
  • 14 inch long lifting fork safely picks up vehicle with super single tires
  • Zigbee wireless module ensures secure, uninterrupted wireless signal.
  • splash-proof control box (NEMA4)

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Mobile column lifts were developed to assist health and safety demands in the garage equipment market. They are engineered to address virtually all lifting requirements. These mobile truck lifts reduce hazards and allow modifications to suit the height of any mechanic. Hoffman Services Inc is proud to be the exclusive New Jersey distributor for leading mobile column lift manufacturer, Stertil-Koni. Their mobile columns lifts feature:

  • lift from 16,500 lbs to 40,000 lbs per column
  • high quality, high tensile DOMEX steel for maximum strength
  • reliable hydraulic technology for rapid ascent and descent
  • independent mechanical locking pawl (tested at 3:1 safety)
  • gravity-fed locking system – no springs which can rust or distort
  • 1 3/8” locking intervals on carriage
  • 3 level redundancies (mechanical, electrical and hydraulic)
  • hose burst valve for protection against catastrophic line rupture
  • self-diagnosis and troubleshooting protocols (minimum 25 codes)
  • lifting height 69″
  • patented gas shock to provide overload protection for pallet jack
  • approved for outdoor and indoor use.

Hoffman Services is proud to distribute for Stertil- Koni, one of the world’s leading lift manufacturers and suppliers. Stertil-Koni has an impressive and comprehensive range of lifts to suit a variety of situations including mobile lifts, wireless lifts, in-ground lifts, 4-post lifts, 2-post lifts and many accessories.