Car Sales/Dealerships

The Speciality Lifts You Need

Car sales and dealerships require specialist lifts at their auto-shops.

At Hoffman Services, we know which lifts are best suited to the care and repair of cars.

Hoffman Services can also assist with in-ground lifts from the best names in the business. We can help you supply, install, and service the best lift for your needs.

Case Study: Faulkner BMW

Faulkner BMW of Lancaster in Pennsylvania has been selling and servicing BMW cars since 1980. In 2009, it demolished and rebuilt its premises, choosing Hoffman Services to install twin ram lift equipment.

The company installed 14 J.A. Becker & Sohne twin ram lifts that were designed to fit various BMW models and Mini Cooper cars. The lifts are used exclusively for BMWs and other automobiles.

Read our full case study here.

“Actually, J.A. Becker recommended Hoffman Services as the installer and service company and we are glad they did. Everything was scheduled in advance and coordinated with the construction company. Installation went smoothly and on schedule. The installers were very friendly and didn’t mind taking the time to answer all questions.”

Mark Ludwig Faulkner BMW Service Manager
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