Tips on Buying a Heavy Duty Lift

When you’re writing an article about buying a lift for your shop you really need to ask the experts so naturally one of those of course should include our very own Matthew Morgan. Included in the article, Matthew and reps from our partners at Stertil-Koni on Fullbay tries to answer the question “How to Find the Right Heavy-Duty Lift for Your Shop” which can be found here.

Starting off with the question of whether or not to get a lift, the obvious answer is yes but of course it’s a little more nuanced than that. Have you got enough space in your shop for a lift? What vehicles are you primarily working on? Will you need training for operating the lifts? Making sure you’re able to answer these questions will help with your choice.

What sort of benefits will a lift give your shop? After determining that you need a lift, it’s important to break down reason why you need the lift. Two of the big reasons being productivity and ergonomics. If you can do a task in half the time, it’s probably already worth it. If it can save straining on your body and improve safety, it’s probably already worth it.

What sort of lift will you need? There are quite a few different styles of lifts including inground, mobile column, 4-post, 2-post, platform, scissor….so you’ll need to base this decision on the type of vehicles you’ll primarily be working on as well as the physical limitations of your garage. Some may be able to do significant construction if required but others may well be limited.

Other things to take into consideration when buying a lift if to look for ALI certification and to also consider ongoing training and maintenance into your budget. This will ensure a positive lift experience and keep things running smoothly.

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