The Largest Vehicle Lift in North America

Click to download Stertil-Koni Connections

Click to download Stertil-Koni Connections

Hoffman Services was recently involved in a heavy, heavy duty lift installation along with our partners at Stertil-Koni…the biggest vehicle lift of its kind in North America, capable of lifting up to 132,000 lbs.

Via the Stertil-Koni press release:

Stertil-Koni recently installed a massive drive-on platform lift in New Jersey that is the first of its kind in North America and one of the largest vehicle lifts in the world. The Stertil-Koni ST 4600 has a capacity of 132,000 lbs. and yet it is also certified to meet rigorous safety standards.

How did Stertil-Koni produce such an enormous lift, which is capable of smoothly raising the heaviest fire trucks and emergency vehicles and which Matthew Morgan of Hoffmann Services, a leading Stertil-Koni distributor that quarterbacked the project, calls an “awesome piece of equipment?”

The answer is R&D.

Many firms contract out their R&D work to outside vendors. But not Stertil-Koni. The leaders in heavy duty vehicle lifts have an in-house team of experts working every day on product improvements and the next generation of vehicle lifts.

“There are only a handful of lifts like it on the planet, and by installing the first one in North America, we are opening up a new market,” Morgan added. “For customers that need a large capacity, the ST 4600 proves that it works.”

“That’s why we bring out so many new products that are innovative to the marketplace,” said Peter Bowers, Technical Sales Support Manager for Stertil-Koni USA.
The ST 4600 is one example of that innovation, and opens up a new market in North America for ultra-high capacity lifting that is safe, smooth and efficient. And that’s big!

That is big.

For more information on this powerful lift, download the Stertil-Koni Connection, October 2014.