Hoffman Services Partner Stertil-Koni Completes Strategic Acquisition

Our partner Stertil-Koni recently announced that they have completed a take-over of the business activities of Beissbarth GmbH. This demonstrates Stertil-Koni’s commitment in providing world class vehicle equipment solutions for the maintenance, repair and service equipment industries.

Beissbarth brings a history of innovation, quality and expertise in automotive testing solutions as well as manufacturers of world-class modern testing and service equipment all of which complements and enhances the Stertil Group offerings as they look to offer valued contributions to the evolution of vehicle workshops worldwide.

This recent acquisition follows the purchase in 2022 of the Nussbaum Automative Lifts GmbH company who are specialists in light duty lifting solutions including their invention in 1985 of the legendary Double Scissor Lift – the JUMBO. Their solutions are the popular choice of many premium high performance auto manufacturers.

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