Heavy Duty Lifts for Mining

So what happens when you’re a few miles underground and you’ve got some heavy duty machinery that needs lifting? Naturally our friends over at Stertil-Koni has the solution which is why Hoffman Services is a proud partner.

A mine shaft may not be the optimal location for a lift installation but for us, this unique setting simply requires unique solutions, a definite strength of Hoffman Services when looking at custom heavy duty lift installations. When working in tight spaces, not only is the technology we use important but the skills and knowledge of the team that actually performs the installation. For us, this is not unusual given our history and expertise and working knowledge of the Stertil-Koni equipment. These hydraulic heavy duty lifts have more than enough capacity to lift these huge vehicles and the video below is evidence.

If you’re looking for a heavy duty lifting solution underground, it might be worth having a chat with us.