Heavy Duty Lift Supplier Hoffman Services Now On Facebook

One of the oldest and largest heavy duty lift suppliers, Hoffman Services Inc, is now on Facebook. Recognizing that many of its customers use this tool to stay in touch and informed, Hoffman Services has created this online presence to share its services. You can see their Facebook page here.

Hoffman Services Inc supplies top quality heavy duty lift equipment to some of the biggest companies in the world including BMW, ExxonMobil and NJ Transit. If you’ve ever wondered how heavy trucks and buses are elevated for repair, you can take a look at their Facebook gallery.

Hoffman Services also supplies light duty lift equipment for auto-body shops and home garages including the new Hoffman Mini-Lift that combines US know-how with German engineering.

Hoffman’s reputation goes beyond quality equipment supply to exceptional repair and maintenance. They’re known as the ‘go to’ company because of their exceptional knowledge and expertise in heavy duty and hydraulic lifts.

“We are all about serving the needs of our customers,” says Matthew Morgan from Hoffman Services. “It’s our job to be where they are and the numbers show it’s online, particularly Facebook. Hoffman Services has been in business in 1926 because we supply quality heavy duty lift equipment and we’re constantly innovating. Our attitude to our online presence is the same attitude we take to sourcing the best equipment and service.”

About Hoffman Services
Hoffman Services is one of the oldest and largest hydraulic lift, heavy duty lift and garage equipment suppliers in the United States. They have a reputation for quality, knowledge, and reliability and work with some of the biggest companies in the world. Hoffman Services provides all types of lifting equipment and excel in the area of heavy duty equipment. They can assist with in-ground car, bus and truck lifts as well as surface-mounted and portable automotive electric lifts. In business since 1926, Hoffman Services is a company built on trust.

CONTACT: For more information, contact Matthew Morgan on 973-242-6666