Heavy Duty Lift Supplier Hoffman Services Repairs Heavy Duty Mobile Lifts

Leading heavy-duty lift supplier, Hoffman Services, is pleased to announce it offers repairs, maintenance and trade-ins of heavy duty mobile lifts. With specialist, in-house knowledge, the team at Hoffman Services is perfectly placed to either repair a mobile lift or offer a competitive trade-in.

Hoffman Services is one of the oldest and largest heavy-duty lift suppliers in the USA. Known for its quality lifts and expert repairs, Hoffman supplies to some of the biggest companies including BMW, Exxon-Mobil and NJ Transit.

“Specialist knowledge and expertise is required to repair mobile lifts,” begins Matthew Morgan of Hoffman Services. “Our team has the skills to fix these lifts or advise the best solution for the client.”

Hoffman Services is known as the ‘go to’ heavy duty company because of its exceptional knowledge and expertise in heavy duty and hydraulic lifts.

“All machines suffer from wear and tear and can become expensive to maintain the older they get,” adds Morgan. “In addition to repairs, Hoffman Services offers competitive trade-ins for people wanting to upgrade their heavy duty lifts. We’re very happy to talk through the best options for clients.”

Hoffman Services’ extensive range of heavy-duty lifts is available to view here.

For more information on repairing, contact Hoffman Services now.

About Hoffman Services

Hoffman Services (www.hoffmanservices.com) is one of the oldest and largest hydraulic lift, heavy-duty lift and garage equipment suppliers in the United States. It has a reputation for quality, knowledge, and reliability and works with some of the biggest companies in the world. Hoffman Services provides all types of lifting equipment and excels in the area of heavy-duty equipment. It can assist with in-ground car, bus and truck lifts as well as surface-mounted and portable automotive electric lifts. In business since 1926, Hoffman Services is a company built on trust.

CONTACT: For more information, contact Matthew Morgan on 973-242-6666