Ryan Brinster

Interviewer – Hello Ryan. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us

Ryan – You’re welcome. I’m here to help.

Interviewer – So just a couple questions so everyone can get to know you, Where were you at prior to joining the Hoffman services, Inc. team?

Ryan – Before joining Hoffman I spent 13 years working for NJ Transit.

Interviewer – What we’re your duties there?

Ryan – Building/equipment maintenance and repairs.

Interviewer – What made you make the switch to join the Hoffman crew ?

Ryan – Throughout the years of servicing mobile lifts, I developed a good working relationship with the crew from Hoffman. When the opportunity presented itself, it was just the right fit.

Interviewer – What would you say are your greatest attributes ?

Ryan – My greatest attributes are attention to detail, my willingness to adapt, and my ability to be a team player.

Interviewer – What do you hope to learn first from the other master technicians at Hoffman services inc, and what would you like to bring?

Ryan – I hope to learn it all from my fellow technicians. All phases of service including installs, repairs, upgrades, software, etc. and what I hope to bring to Hoffman is a technician that can be counted on by the customers, appreciated by management, and respected by my fellow technicians.

Interviewer – Ryan thank you so much for your time and letting everyone get to know you a little better.