Interviewer: Thank you for sitting down with us today Lauren.

Lauren: No problem, happy that we finally got together to talk.

When did you start with Hoffman Services Inc.?

Lauren: Officially, August 2011, but I had been working on an as needed design retainer for about five years prior to that.

What is your current title with Hoffman Services Inc.?

Lauren: I am currently the CFO and Media Director for Hoffman Services Inc.

What do you do daily at Hoffman Services Inc.?

Lauren: Oh wow… where do I begin? (laughing)

I am responsible for overseeing everything that has to do with the offices of Hoffman Services Inc.. If it is within these four walls then it is mine to oversee. I work closely with upper management, all of the technicians, my wonderful admins and of course our guard dogs. I even have my fork truck license now; comes in super handy.

What’s your biggest struggle while performing your work?

Lauren: Biggest struggle has to be being everywhere at once. That seems to be a theme around here (laughing).
We process a tremendous amount of paperwork on a daily basis and with our contracts, state agencies and private sector, every customer has a specific nuance to them; so it is remembering, applying and delegating, when necessary, to ensure that each clients experience is specific to their needs.

What drives or motivates you to be you?

Lauren: I am my own biggest competition, meaning I am very competitive with myself. I cannot control what other people do but I can control what I do, so that, those choices, are my motivation.

Favorite band song and why?

Lauren: Ah, THAT is such a loaded loaded question… way to large to answer but I would have to say, No Doubt has been a top five favorite band for over 25 years. Favorite song right now is pretty much anything off of any one of their albums with a few minor exemptions.

How does it feel to be not only family but part of the family business?

Lauren: Another loaded question (laughing) … it feels like I am always leveraging two very important relationships on a daily basis… even over the weekends. We are physically family and with that comes preexisting relationships normal within families, but we also have our business relationships to maintain and to uphold, which is built off of our grandfathers vision and his legacy… so again it comes back to family and business – so you know, like I said, another loaded question. (laughing)

Do you enjoy what you do?

Lauren: I do. Hoffman Services Inc. is a mash-up of all my previous work experiences. I do believe that I could not do what I do on a daily basis if it was not for my previous work experiences and training that I had prior to coming on board at Hoffman Services Inc. full-time.

Favorite quote?

Lauren: Around here..?  “An emergency on your part does not constitute one on ours.”  Also “…that is our policy, nothing personal, just policy.”

How has your customer experience been?

Lauren: I love all of our customers… we could not do what we do day in and day out if it was not for our customer base. We really do owe it all to them; the minute that we forget that, then we forget what is most important and we have a problem.

Thank you for sitting down with us today .

Lauren: No problem at all!