Ben Morgan


Interviewer: Thank you for sitting down with us today Benjamin.

Ben: No problem, what would you like to discuss?

Well, we know that you’re practically everywhere for Hoffman Services Inc., doing everything, but let’s start way back… when did you start at Hoffman Services Inc.?

Ben: I started back when I was, maybe 6 years old… during the summer. My father would bring me into work to teach me the trade and I remember being young and as soon as school would finish, I would look forward to working. Every summer… year in and year out. While everyone else was either home or off with friends, I went to work. And you know what, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

When did you become full-time and a principle at Hoffman Services Inc.?

Ben: 2004

Wow that’s great! So one could say that you have almost 24 years experience installing and fixing lifts?

Ben: Absolutely. It’s all, and what I know.

As an owner, what changes have you seen in the industry or at your company?

Ben: Well, we have become an absolute force within the industry over the past few years. We really do have an absolute perfect staff at the office; thanks to some excellent hires and research, Hoffman Services Inc. has some of the most talented technicians in the industry and arguably the world, but it’s that talent coupled with a drive, which is unparalleled.
Our company has changed to keep up with the times but at the core our goal is still the same.
Beginning with our grandfather, we are a generational company; from Lou down, we have always put our customers first and tried our best to show that they are a part of our extended family by doing business with us. At a lot of companies, they just see a sale or an up charge… things like that. Hoffman Services Inc. sees the person, the family they are going home to, the kids they want to see at night… we are in charge of their safety, day in and day out and that is so, so important to us.

That’s a great philosophy. I wish I would have been able to meet your grandfather.

Ben: He was a great man who passed away a few years ago. We miss him.

What do you do daily Hoffman Services Inc.? Give us a normal day.

Ben: Typically, because remember depending on the project or job, our hours will vary, but normally, creating estimates, billing, following up with customers, meeting with customers, my own service calls, overseeing any projects that might be underway, lining up and assigning work for the field technicians, maintaining our warehouse… pretty much everything needed to keep us up and going.  On the projects, jack-hammering, running our heavy equipment operations, masonry, pipe-fitting, electrical, etc. pretty much everything related to the scope. What I love is that I’m not only a salesman, but I’m a certified technician as well. I know the product in and out, especially the Stertil-Koni USA lifts we represent in the NJ market. Simply the best. From their in-ground units to mobile columns, they are, hands-down, the best.

Whats your motto or favorite line?

Ben: I have two. First, “Real recognizes real.” and then I would say, “Expansion – always in always.” (That’s from a TV show that I watch Ryan Serhant ‘Selling NY’)

So you are able to have a life outside of here?

Ben: (smiles) Kind of. You’re married to your business in many ways. Some nights I find myself waking up and thinking about work. Or a project. Or a CD [critical dimension] we had the day before or upcoming. Or the thoughts about new business, or our latest hires, or maintenance on the vehicles… honestly you are always thinking about the company. When others are going home or can’t wait for a break, that’s not me. That’s not Matt. We work through lunch and eat in the truck between projects. But life allows for many things. It’s all perspective. I try and stay positive.

So true. What’s your greatest achievement right now?

Ben: Work wise, it would have to be maintaining all the customers and keeping them happy. I literally have hundreds of customers with my cell phone and it constantly goes off.  But also a boat load of new customers.  Most of the time the new customers can’t believe how we at Hoffman Services Inc. aren’t trying to “hurt them” in anyway like others have attempted.
We are simply here to help, offer advice, work closely with them, and allow them to make the best decision. Most of the time, proud to say, it is us.

What’s your drive?

Ben: Simply, to be the best. No matter what it is. It’s my greatest attribute but also my weakness sometimes. Where others might cut corners, we won’t. We will take the time to do it right or we won’t do it at all. Some of our competitors will use an inferior lift or an inferior back-fill in a hole, remove a item here or there… that’s just something I or my company will never do.

Benjamin it has been an absolute pleasure to be with you and we thank you for taking the time with us and letting people get to know you.

Ben: The pleasure is mine. Thank you.