Stertil-Koni at Long Beach Container Terminal

The Long Beach Container Terminal is the second busiest port in the U.S and as such, relies on efficiencies in loading and unloading cargo. They’re also the first company to utilize a fleet of Automated Guided Vehicles to take the cargo to and from the truck and the yard so they have a very valuable role in ensuring the container terminal reaches its maximum efficiency. If these vehicles are not correctly maintained, uptime can be significantly impacted so regular maintenance is essential. Every 200 hours of running time in fact.

These vehicles and the Container Terminal also have very specific lift requirements which is why they chose the Stertil-Koni ST1130 Mobile Column Lifts. Obviously safety if a concern and the overload protection on the 1130 is standard (dedicated mechanical locking system plus a fully automated synchronization system that helps ensure proper, level lifting even with uneven vehicle weight distribution).

Ease of use is also key. These lifts are wireless so no cumbersome cables and they are most certainly mobile, in fact they can be easily used by a single operator.

These lifts are truly at the cutting-edge of heavy duty lift manufacturing, making them an easy choice for an environment like Long Beach Container Terminal.

View the video below to see it in action!