Record Orders & Installations in 2022

Hoffman Services partner Stertil-Koni reports that they experienced record lift orders, sales and installations for full year 2022 in what is their 25th anniversary in North America. Stertil-Koni credits their distributors like Hoffman Services and their “unwavering focus on delivering the very best customer service in the heavy duty vehicle lifting segment.”

Stertil-Koni also highlights the product quality and features with performance and safety high priorities. This includes:

  • Construction utilizing maximum strength, high tensile steel
  • Full-color touch screen control console on all models
  • Rapid lifting and lowering every time
  • Dependable hydraulic technology
  • Synchronization for maximum safety and convenience
  • Mechanical locking system to prevent unintended lowering
  • World-class service team with 24/7 customer hotline

Stertil-Koni President Dr. Jean DellAmore also notes that “Because Stertil-Koni offers the broadest range of ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) certified heavy duty vehicle lifts in the industry, we can match any customer need with a world-class lifting system that is tailored for a particular type of vehicle, application and even geographic location. That is truly a ‘next level’ degree of customer care.”

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