National Lift Week 2019

The dates for National Lift Week 2019 are set and will be help October 7th to the 12th, 2019. Primary sponsor Stertil-Koni have announced that in its sixth year, there will be a series of events and activities around North America, showcasing the best practices in vehicle lift safety, service and performance.

One of the key messages they are attempting to promote is the value of lift safety and many of the events will be held to promote this as much as possible. According to Stertil-Koni representatives, “Stertil-Koni’s highly trained network of distributors across North America will host live vehicle lift product demos, hands-on briefings and educational updates associated with the latest advancements in vehicle lifting safety, features and environmental stewardship.”

The six day program will highlight a different key attribute in the area of heavy duty lifts:

Mobile Column Monday: extolling the benefits of portable vehicle lifting columns;

Two-Post Tuesday: highlighting the usefulness of two-post vehicle lifts

Wireless Wednesday: demonstrating the safety and performance attributes of wireless vehicle lifting systems

Earthy Thursday: providing updates about new initiatives in “green” vehicle lifts

Wheels-Free Friday: exploring lifting systems that provide wheels-free lifting to allow technicians to perform comprehensive vehicle maintenance and service

Safety Saturday: presenting multiple approaches to advance shop safety, including the importance of third-party lift certification by the industry’s third-party watchdog, the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI); the scope of the ALI Lift Inspector Certification program; and the the importance of regularly scheduled lift inspections