Join Us for National Lift Week 2018

Stertil-Koni has announced the fifth National Lift Week starting Monday Oct 8th and running through to Saturday Oct 13th. The event covers a range of activities in particular showcasing best practices in vehicle lift safety, service and performance.

Each day will highlight a specific feature of the most popular vehicle lifting systems currently in use. Including:

1. Mobile Column Monday: communicating the benefits of portable lifting columns;
2. Two-Post Tuesday: highlighting the usefulness of two-post vehicle lifts;
3. Wireless Wednesday: demonstrating the characteristics and safety attributes associated with wireless vehicle lifting systems;
4. Earthy Thursday: providing educational material about new initiatives in “green” vehicle lifts; 5. Free-Wheel Lifting Friday: exploring lifting systems that provide wheels-free lifting to allow technicians to perform comprehensive vehicle maintenance and service; and
6. Safety Saturday: presenting multiple approaches to advance shop safety, including third-party lift certification via ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) and its Lift Inspector Certification program, coupled with the importance of regularly scheduled lift inspections.