Fleet Equipment Magazine – Lift Safety and Compliance

We’re not the only heavy duty lift company who is passionate about lift safety and compliance, in fact there are several companies helping to push forward safety standards and certifications in our industry. A recent article in Fleet Equipment Magazine, highlights the reasons why lift safety is so important and includes a quote by our partners at Stertil-Koni

“At Stertil-Koni, safety is always mission number one,” says Peter Bowers, technical sales manager at Stertil-Koni. “We recognize that the needs are demanding for fleet maintenance facilities, and the stakes are high when operating heavy equipment, maintaining and servicing professional fleets, and ensuring the well-being and efficiency of shop technicians working directly underneath large vehicles. In short, it can make for a challenging workplace.

That’s why we focus on safety, reducing potential hazards on the shop floor while increasing productivity.”

For most of us, it simply makes sense given the dangers associated with what we do. Following standards set by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) and their best practices will help to ensure a better work environment for all of us. “ALI is a trade association of North American-based lift manufacturers that’s dedicated to the safe design, construction, installation, service and inspection of vehicle lifts. It sponsors several national lift safety standards and offers third-party certification programs for lifts and lift inspectors.”

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