Oral Atkinson

Interviewer: Mr Oral Atkinson, Good Afternoon.

Mr Atkinson: Hello.

How are you sir?

Mr Atkinson: Good.

I appreciate the time to sit down with us. Everyone always speaks so highly of you at Hoffman Services Inc. and may we say, it’s a privilege to be here with you

Mr Atkinson: Thank you.

When did you start at Hoffman Services Inc.?

Mr Atkinson: 1987

Wow! Long time… eldest technician at Hoffman Services Inc., aren’t you ?

Mr Atkinson: Yes sir.

What is your current title?

Mr Atkinson: Senior Foreman

What do you do daily at Hoffman Services Inc.?

Mr Atkinson: I am currently on multiple projects; handling all project supervision. You can find me, on any given day, in the field… plumbing, performing electrical work, framing, installing etc. and training.

Seems like you do it all?

Mr Atkinson: You can say that. I love what I do, and the company that I represent.

What’s your toughest struggle as a Senior Foreman?

Mr Atkinson: Well, I’d say, making sure everything is always running smoothly. Every customer wants you here… wants you there. It can be challenging.  But we have a saying at Hoffman Services Inc., it’s, “…perfection takes time.” We always strive to take our time and make sure the job is done right. There is no other company, and I have personally seen so many come and go, that has what we have, and can do what we do.

What is the most important project you have ever worked on?

Mr Atkinson: It would have to be the massive amounts of installations we’ve done at multiple Transit garages throughout NJ. Knowing that our lifts are going up and down, with the prime choice of transportation by millions, with all those lives on them… I will always make sure the projects are done right.

Favorite sport?

Mr Atkinson: Boxing. But close second, track and field. Go Jamaica!

How is the atmosphere at where you work?

Mr Atkinson: We’re a family. We have our ups and downs… struggles here and there, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t trade this for anything. Like I said I love what I do and love Hoffman Services Inc. I started here and I thank Lou, Larry, Matt, and Ben, because I’m going to finish here as well.

What keeps you motivated ?

Mr Atkinson: I’m a pretty positive guy, family man, and one who desires perfection at my craft. The thrill of waking up every day and doing my best keeps me going.

Any nicknames ?

Mr Atkinson: -laughing- Big O.

Thank you for your time Mr. Atkinson, keep up the great work!

Mr Atkinson: Thank you.