Interviewer: Larry good morning and thank you for taking the time to kick-off “The Legacy Interviews”.

Larry: Good Morning and of course! Happy to.

When did you start at Hoffman Services Inc.?

Larry: 1970

What is your title Hoffman Services Inc.?:

Larry: CEO/ Principal

As CEO/ Principal of Hoffman Services Inc., what responsibilities do you perform on a daily basis?

Larry: I oversee the entire corporation, from job site management, to billing, safety, maintenance, even payroll… pretty much try and have a hand in all the affairs and goings on here. I enjoy what I do, what we do, and I enjoy our workers as well.

During your illustrious career, what has been your favorite memory at Hoffman Services Inc.?

Larry: I have had the privilege of seeing the company grow over the last few decades, seeing all the workers over the years progress and some retire; enjoying the learning process of running a company at a very young age and seeing the flourishing of it in 2017. I have seen Hoffman Services Inc. become a premier company, synonymous with the heavy duty vehicle lifting systems industry.
Seeing all the talent here has made me very proud. Being a family company as well working now along side my two sons has also made my life easier. Having the heaviest in-ground lift installation in all of North America under our belt as well, has made us very proud.

Favorite color & why? Go.:

Larry: Blue, because I’m a N.Y. Rangers fan at heart and of course pin stripes because of the NYYankees.

What is your toughest struggle as a company owner?:

Larry: We do an excellent job of managing all the service work that comes in from our territory, which stretches from Ocean City, Maryland up to Albany, New York.
But the preparation for the handling of anything that might be coming up, being prepared for anything, is not a struggle as it is something we plan for and over come on a daily basis; defiantly something that keeps us all on our toes here at Hoffman Services Inc.

Favorite quote:

Larry: “…fortune often favors the prepared mind…”

Do you enjoy what you do after almost 50 years in the industry?

Larry: Yes. I have the passion and drive still in me and enjoy doing this every day. I would have it no other way.

Anything else you would like to add?:

Larry: I think what I’m proudest of is that when we built our new offices in Newark, we found paper work from the 1920s, ’30s, & ’40s, and so on. In the old space we found a rich history that might have been forgotten about..  but it speaks to the company’s longevity and position in the industry and Hoffman Services Inc. has gone way back with the standards of lifts.
Specifically the ALI standards that the industry uses today, my father-in-law Louis Williams, the original owner of Hoffman Services Inc., can be found on the back cover of the ALI training book; in the first graduating class. I have always tried to keep the same high morals and ethical nature of what he started down to this day.

Larry, thank you for your time!

Larry: You’re welcome my pleasure.