Skylift Accessories

  • Lighting

    LED lighting is available to ensure that work space around the lift is well illuminated.

  • Tandem Lift Synchronization Kit

    Switch and wiring kit to allow a pair of lights to be operated at two independent lifts or as a single married tandem lift.

  • Remote Control

    Corded pendant style remote controller allows the operator to manipulate the lift form any location

  • Air in Runways Kit

    Kit supplies parts and hardware to install a compressed air piping system into the platforms

  • Extended Length Access Ramps

    Ramps available in multiple lengths to facilitate access to the lift with low clearance vehicles

  • Specialty Ramps for 3 Wheeled Vehicles

    Unique ramps available to allow three wheel vehicles access to traditional four post lifts

  • Anti-Slip Plates

    Self-adhesive, peel and stick aluminum diamond plates that can be fitted to runways

  • Automatic Pit Cover Plates

    Unique, fully mechanical plates that follow the lift out of a flush mounted foundation a close the floor opening. Rated for 3000 lbs.

  • Wash Bay Kit

    This kit includes:
    – Platforms, drive on ramps and anchoring plates hot galvanized
    – Upper/lower locking teeth, as well as pull bar, galvanized + special primer and RAL color
    – Lifting legs treated 3-layer mono-pox coated
    – Control box fabricated completely stainless steel and lockable lid



Our accessories from Stertil-Koni are engineered to complement our wide range of lift models and provide maximum performance, durability and safety. Each lift category has its own selection of accessories designed for ease-of-use and increased productivity.

Hoffman Services is proud to distribute for Stertil- Koni, one of the world’s leading lift manufacturers and suppliers. Stertil-Koni has an impressive and comprehensive range of lifts to suit a variety of situations including mobile lifts, wireless lifts, in-ground lifts, 4-post lifts, 2-post lifts and many accessories.